Fruits and vegetables from Provence: PICOTINE



 The brokerage or shipping company is an essential link between producers and the end recipients.

 Given the changes in the current environment, our desire is to find long-lasting solutions suitable for all parties in the industry in order to lead to sustainable and lucrative work.

 Our strenght: A small structure that will result in lower costs. Our office in the CHATEAURENARD M.I.N. enables us to be at the heart of the production scene and therefore be familiar with the products and markets, with all this being supported by a brand that complies with a set of specifications resulting in an immediate visual recognition of criteria relating to quality, expertise, seriousness and speed.

 If you think we could establish a productive commercial relationship, contact us either directly via our site by clicking here, or by phone on 04 90 90 08 65 or by fax on 04 90 90 08 26.